And the winner is...

The results are in from the fierce captioning competition we held last week here at Despite Lupus. The task - caption the photo at the right, featuring famished darling Deirdre (on right) with her somewhat bloated cousin, Liam.
Drum roll, please:

Sharing the 3rd place title are:

Sandy Gretter of Greencastle, IN for "Hey, Muffin Man...let's eat!"
John Gorman of Alexandria, VA for "My mom thinks this is a great technique for picking up boys."

Sharing 2nd place, we have:

Katie Duffy of Harleysville, PA for "Tastes like chicken." (Katie gets a special shout-out because she was the first person to submit a caption. It took a little prodding for the rest of the group to turn on their clever-o-meters.)
Katie Rice of Alexandria, VA for "I wonder how much longer I can pump this thing up before it explodes..."

And 1st place and grand prize goes to:

Katie Rice for her witty, yet scientific submission -

"The Puffer has an unusual ability to inflate itself until almost spherical in shape. Thus, a hungry predator (shown here in a darling cotton frock and cardigan) may suddenly find itself facing what seems to be a much larger fish than anticipated."

What does Katie win? A weekend with the Puffer fish and his lovely lady friend. And maybe a batch of her favorite cookies, too.

Thanks for participating!


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