The Rash is back!

My nemesis is back. Which one, you ask? That nasty, good-for-nothing rash commonly known as poison ivy. I usually refer to it as just P.I. Somehow I feel that saying the name out loud encourages the rash to run wild. Although it usually manifests into something horrendous, I'm hopeful this time. After all, there was snow on the ground less than a week ago - it's not even P.I. season!

In general, I feel like my immune system is a little rusty right now. In addition to the P.I., I've had a couple of swollen knuckles and some joint pain in my wrists over the past few weeks. None of the symptoms have lasted more than 24 hours, but it's still frustrating. I imagine it's from the traveling I've been doing. Even though the trips were filled with rest and relaxation, the actual day of travel is just tough for my body to handle. Any day I don't get in a good, solid nap, I seem to pay for it. I'm sure hauling my bags around doesn't help either.

Before Deirdre was on the scene, I could count on catching up on sleep the day before and/or after the day of travel. But 'tis not the case with baby Deirdre. Of course, she was able to sleep on the plane without any trouble so she's all ready to go. At least one of us is!

I'd like to figure out a way to make the day of travel a little more relaxing. I don't intend on cutting out travel from my repertoire anytime soon - so I need to make sure it doesn't continue to take a toll on my health. In looking back at the travel tips from my book, I know I failed on one account: Pack the day before traveling. I even write that the day of traveling is stressful enough without trying to throw a suitcase together. Pack the night before and you eliminate one major task involved with a trip. Plus, you might even be able to fit in a 30-minute catnap before heading to the airport. Instead, you'll be running around making sure you have enough underclothes packed! Check out all of my tips on travling on my previous post here.

Maybe I need to re-read my book when it comes out - seems like I could learn a thing or two!


Jordan said…
She's so cute and yummy I could eat her right up! Jodie told me about the sorry to hear that! It was great seeing you at the seeeesters trip!
Sara Gorman said…
Yeah - what a drag! So I have P.I. in addition to the allergic reaction to the spa products. Ugh!But you know what? It doesn't take away from the fun we had over the weekend!

Thanks for such a great time! Glad you're doing so well - you look great and that little bambino of yours is really coming along. :)
Allan said…
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