Cold Feet: don't second guess wellness!

Many of life's decisions cause us to have second thoughts.

For example, a friend of mine is starting her own business. She's knee-deep in the process right now - juggling the initial costs of incorporating, marketing, accounting, legal, etc. She's done all the research and knows that her new venture is worth the investment of both her time and money, but she's second-guessing herself. Is she ready? Will she enjoy working on her own? How will she build her client base? Will her business succeed in this economy? She's working hard not to psyche herself out before she gets started - but it's tough.

I'm finding the same to be true with my book. I'm so close to publishing Despite Lupus, but as I'm nearing the finish line, it's hard to wonder if I'm doing the right thing. Will I be happy with the final product? Will anyone read it (other than Deirdre's grandmothers)? Will I ever make up my initial investment? When I have waves of doubt, I usually try to remind myself why I started writing the book in the first place - and that keeps me moving forward.

Second thoughts like these also carry over into our decision to live well. I remember having such difficulty with the decision to retire from a job that was taking an unnecessary toll on my health. Sure, retirement had the potential to improve my well-being and make my life much fuller - but what about the lost salary, the lack of responsibility or the missed opportunities to contribute? Would I ever be able to re-enter the workforce? I knew in my heart that retirement was the right thing to do, but my mind was creating obstacles that were tough to overcome.

After much debate, I chose to retire, and I have yet to regret my decision. In fact, in the two and a half years since I left my job, there hasn't been one morning when I've thought, "Man, I wish I were going to work today." It just hasn't happened. And on the early mornings when Miss Deirdre wants to see me in her office... I just think about the fact that she probably wouldn't be here had I resisted retirement. And that, I simply can't imagine!

Are you struggling to make a decision that would be good for your health? Is there an outstanding issue (money, pride, guilt, fear) that's preventing you from choosing wellness? Think of it this way - you have a responsibility to live well, an obligation to do what you can to be healthy. And not just for your own sake, but for those around you, too. The best way to provide for your family is to enable yourself to do so, both physically and emotionally. In order to do that, you have to be healthy.

Maybe you're hesitating to talk to your boss about your limitations at work or maybe you've talked about starting up a gym membership but never do. Perhaps you and your spouse have discussed hiring a babysitter one night a week but you never have. Whatever good-for-your-health decision you're grappling with - take the next few days to make it happen. You're worth it, and so is your health!


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