Instant feedback from someone who knows!

After reading my post on Wednesday about choosing wellness, my sister wrote the response found below. She originally intended to post it as a comment, but after reading it, I asked if I could use it as a guest post. It's beautifully written, and does a great job of explaining what it's like to live with Lupus from the perspective of a caregiver. Here's hoping she makes a guest appearance again soon. Enjoy!


Sara's entry on Wednesday really hit home for me. As the sister of a Lupus Lady, I can honestly say that the biggest gift she's ever given me is the gift of her health. This gift, as the saying goes, is one that keeps on giving. (Even more than a Jelly of the Month Club Membership, believe it or not!)

Here is how her gift has enhanced my life:

1) I don't have to live in fear anymore about whether or not she is going to live to see her next birthday.

2) I don't have to nag her constantly to take care of herself. She is now in control, not of Lupus, per se, but rather of making rational decisions; therefore, I am relieved of that fruitless effort of wanting to control her health and well-being.

3) I am no longer afraid of what the next day might bring regarding her sickness. For example, I don't brace myself for a sudden trip to the emergency room because she's tried to "tough it out." I have total faith in her that she's doing her best to maintain good health.

4) I can now just love her as my sister and my best friend, without feeling resentful or upset with her. (Although, I guess we do still have our moments-ha ha :))

5) I feel like I can breathe freely again, knowing that even if her symptoms do return, she will listen to them and do everything in her power to avert a catastrophic illness due to Lupus.


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