Things are heating up....

Watch out world, Bun is coming soon! (No, not today, but any day now - I can feel it!)

So here's the latest in Bun news. I had another doctor's appointment yesterday, during which I was contracting every 3-4 minutes with regularity, per the print-out of the 40-minute fetal non-stress test. We were supposed to be monitoring Bun's activities, but the excitement was definitely on my very regular, very significant contractions!

I had another physical exam, and though not much has changed, the doctor did see some "ripening" in all of the right places. My amniotic fluid is still high, but not too high to cause concern. The protein level per my urinalysis is back to +1 (which is better than my normal +2 or more), so that's good. Bun is moving well, which is also a great sign.

The doctor reiterated the importance of having my bags packed, and making sure that I monitor Bun's movements as well as those pesky contractions. They're pretty frequent, so it's hard to know when I should call in to the doctor. She says if they're more frequent than 6 an hour, call, but they're very OFTEN that frequent (per the example yesterday morning at the doctor's office), so I'm a bit stumped. Thankfully, we go back on Friday, so I don't have too many days to fret about whether or not to call. The nurses don't think I'll make it to next Tuesday...but we'll see! This week of pins and needles (also known as baby watch week) is definitely exciting. Don't know what Bun has in store for us, but whatever it is, it will be great!

So now that we're REALLY going to do this thing...either spontaneously this week or planned on the 15th...I need to start really considering what's going to happen post-Bun.

Because Johnny works from home, and because I've taken the past two years to write my book from home, we, as a couple, tend to spend a lot of time together during the day. And because I'm full of questions, Johnny sometimes bears the brunt of my inquisitiveness. After all, he's right up stairs - and doesn't he want to weigh in on whether or not we have green beans or peas for dinner? (Probably not - but he's alive, breathing, and is someone to talk to, so therefore, I ask him.)

After talking with some friends of ours who have a similar work from home/stay at home situation, one suggestion was for me to resist the urge to ask Johnny innocuous Bun questions like, "Is it safe for Bun to take a nap in a onesie with a collar?", or "Do you think I should read a book to Bun before or after I change the diaper?" These, no doubt, are questions that A) can wait, B) I probably wouldn't ask if he was in an office somewhere far, far away, and C) my mom would really enjoy answering for me. More than that, I have many experienced mom-friends, not to mention my sister whom I already talk to twice a day, who are happy and willing to share their expertise with me. All I have to do is remember to call. Perhaps I should post a list of my friends' names and numbers on the outside of Johnny's office door, so when I go tromping up the stairs to to ask whether or not he thinks I should nurse for 11 or 13 minutes per side, I'll be stopped in my tracks.

But has a closed door ever really stopped me in my tracks? Hmmm. Maybe I should ask Johnny what he thinks.


she is here!!!!!!!! portland is celebrating and dying for pictures, a name and other details. congrats congrats! we love bun! xoxox
Caroline said…
this is perhaps my favorite of all your posts! I think a nice "mom call list" is a good idea, but honestly, he's there, he's breathing, and I have faith you won't ask if the story should be read before or after the diaper change :)

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