Go ahead - Pamper yourself (and your joints!)

With the cool winter months approaching, it might be time to prepare your joints for the chilly weather. Have you ever thought about purchasing a paraffin wax bath for home use? During my achiest months, I was using my wax bath daily. In fact, when I was still working, Johnny would check in with me before I left the office to find out if he should plug in the bath so that it would be ready-to-use upon my arrival home. More often than not, the answer was yes.

Thankfully, these days I don't have much arthritic pain in my hands and feet, but I still enjoy the warmth and softness the wax bath brings to my extremities. There are tons of options out there on the market - some more expensive than others. I found the consumer grade wax bath to be more than sufficient - just allow a couple of hours to melt the wax before you intend to use it. If you've never had the pleasure of a paraffin wax treatment, you can do so at most nail salons. I encourage you to try it out first (they usually just add on about $10-$15 to the cost of a manicure), but I'm convinced you'll be hooked!

Here are my recommendations for purchase:

Consumer Grade:

Revlon RVS1212 MoistureStay Luxury Paraffin Bath, $26.99 on Amazon.com

HoMedics Paraspa Deluxe Paraffin Bath, $39.94 on Walmart.com

Professional Grade:

TherabathPRO Professional Grade Paraffin Bath, Scent Free, $139.95 on Amazon.com.

Most baths (including these three) come with several blocks of wax that can then be melted individually once you're ready to use your bath. Both the Revlon and HoMedics baths include plastic liners (which help keep your wax-covered hands hot and moist for as long as possible while reducing mess), but the Revlon bath also includes a pair of thermal gloves for extra warmth and comfort. I also know from personal experience that the Revlon is large enough for your feet. Just things to consider as you're shopping around.

Here's out it works:

To use, plug in bath, adding appropriate amount of wax per instructions included in packaging. Once wax is melted (allow several hours), simply dip your hand, elbow or foot into the warm melted wax and then re-dip so you get two or three coats. You will look and feel as if you just put on a warm, white glove. Slip your hands into the plastic liner and then into the mitts (if included) and relax as the wax solidifies as it warms and relaxes your aching joints. After about 10 minutes, the wax will have, unfortunately, cooled off. Remove the mitts and then the plastic liner and peel off the hardened wax. Just talking about it makes me want to plug in my bath!

Check out the convincing reviews if you're still skeptical:

*I've had mine for 3+ years now and it is still working like brand new. I love it and use it all the time as I have very dry skin year round. It does take several hours to melt the wax as stated earlier but I keep it plugged in on the lowest setting so it is ready to use at all times. I convinced my father to try it to relieve the misery of severe arthritis in his right hand. It works wonders for him. (HoMedics)

*I have had this product for at least 5 years and use it all the time. I have achy hands and wrists and use it whenever I am in pain. Helps alot. I gave one to my 90 year old mother and she loves it also. (HoMedics)

*This is a product that must stay on all the time for daily use, so I am glad that I spent the extra money for a professional model with a "smart" thermostat. My wife has arthritis and it's worth it to see the smile on her face after she immerses her hands in the paraffin. It's a great relief to her. (Therabath)

*This handy little unit is a multi-tasker. It is really good for smooth skin, with moisturizer in the scented wax, and is great for pain relief for people with arthritis. It heats up fast & has temperature controls so that you don't get burned. it is compact so it doesn't take a lot of counter space. (Revlon)

*I was recommended paraffin wax dips by my doctor for my sore hands/wrists. I've only had this for a short time, but my experience so far has been good. My hands get really dry during the winter months, and no amount of lotion seems to help. Using a thick lotion before dipping into the wax had an immediate and lasting effect. The hot wax does act like a heating pad and helps the soreness problem in the short term. I'm hoping that regular use will help with the pain for longer periods also. This particular bath fits my hands or feet, but without much room to spare. If you have larger than a size 8 foot, you may want something a little bigger. (Revlon)


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing the recommendations! It's always good to find new ways of helping to deal with the pain.

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