DJ puts Baby Bun's wardrobe to the Test & Other Bun News

Here's Darwin trying out one of cousin Emma's outfits. Guess he was checking to see if it would fit Baby Bun in a few years. But, Darwin, what if Bun is a boy? Can you find something a little!

In other Baby Bun news, I'm happy to report that my first "heart check" sonogram went swimmingly! As previously mentioned, because of a Lupus antibody (SS-A) I carry, the baby is at risk for congenital heart block. Monitoring the baby's growth via 2-week sonograms from about 16-28 weeks (or 32, depending on your doctor) can spot this development. Should it occur, I'll be treated with a dose of steroids which will ideally eliminate the problem. My doctors are very confident and do not seem overly concerned, so we're not worried either!

And another update...I was hoping that my insurance company would reverse its decision and choose to cover the cost of my daily anticoagulant injections (Lovenox), but to no avail. Because of the Lupus antiphospholipid antibody syndrome I carry, the injections are administered to help prevent clotting (which can lead to a miscarriage), and the cost of the injections is about $850/month. Because of the structure of my prescription benefit (with an annual maximum of $1500), Johnny and I are picking up the cost of the drug starting in month three (which is now.) While I appreciated my doctor's attempt to help me with the appeal to the insurance company, it wasn't enough to sway their decision. Johnny and I had prepared ourselves to cover the we'll just continue as planned. After all, as my sister-in-law reminded me, it's certainly for a good cause. It's money well spent - as is any dollar amount that ensures a safe and happy journey for Bun (who is rising quickly, I might add!)


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