Cousins for Baby Bun!

Baby Bun has big news to share! Let's take it one highlight at a time:

First up, my niece Emma is going to be a big sister! I'm proud to say that I'll be a Mom and an Aunt (for the fourth time) within a span of about a week. My sister, Katie, and I are due a mere 7 days apart. My parents are beside themselves with excitement, and I know they'll have their hands full this fall. Just glad I'm due first!

Although Katie and her husband, Kevin, have come up with an affectionate term for their Baby on the Way now, there was a long period of time when the bump was nameless. I thought something like Baby Baguette, Baby Sesame, or Baby Biscuit would be fitting, while Johnny was angling for something more like Baby Jewish Rye. Thankfully, Emma recently settled the dispute and came up with "Baby Bunny" (although her first attempt was "Baby Babba"...which we disqualified because it sounded too much like Baby Bubba.) Baby Bunny and Baby Bun will be the best of friends, I just know it!

And next up, and equally as exciting, my sister-in-law Jen is expecting her first baby less than two weeks after Katie!! Jen and her husband Pat (Johnny's brother) are very excited, and Pat's shaking in his boots because he might have to share his birthday cake with Gorman Junior this year. That's right - Jen's due date is November 14th, Patrick's birthday! I'm just glad that I'll have someone to trade moomoo's with this summer at the Gorman beach house. Our mother-in-law sent out the sweetest email this past New Year's, declaring that this was the year for big things to happen in the family. I guess she was right! (Not only does she have two grand kids on the way, but her youngest son Tubby is getting married to a wonderful girl named Meghan. Talk about exciting!)

Our nieces Molly and Mary Kate are super excited, as well. The prospect of having two new Gorman cousins around for Christmas this year is pretty cool...and Molly's even submitted a list of about 25 girl names for Baby Bun's review. Her perfectly composed letter to Baby Bun will definitely be framed!

With all of this excitement, it's time f0r another poll question. Try your hand at some Gorman/Rice trivia, and be sure to check back next week for the answer.

Here's the $64,000 question:

Two of the six parental names will be passed on to the babies on the way, as long as the genders match up appropriately. Which two are they? Sara, John, Kathryn, Kevin, Jennifer, or Patrick? Check the poll at the bottom of the site to cast your vote - and don't forget to vote for two!


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