LISTEN NOW! Lupus and High Risk Pregnancy: Loved being a guest on the StuffThatWorks podcast!

I was thrilled to be a guest on the StuffThatWorks podcast with Dina Kraft,  where we discussed the ins and outs of navigating a chronic illness pregnancy. 

Take a listen here! 

As you'll learn, I'm a firm believer in treating every lupus pregnancy as a high-risk pregnancy, right from the very beginning. Because I had to put my own plans for pregnancy on hold for 7 years due to symptom activity, when I finally became healthy and stable enough to try, I didn't mess around. I did my research, prepared as much as possible, and sought the help of a perinatologist, or Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, early on. Taking great care with my pregnancies was the best decision my husband and I made - and now that our girls are 10 and 12, we're the first to say that successful lupus pregnancies are very possible! 

You can read more about my pregnancies here. From April-Oct 2008 and again from April-Oct 2010, many of my posts feature pregnancy front and center! 


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