Lupus and a Relaxing Healthy Habit: Adding 15-20 minutes of Peace and Quiet to my day

Still striving to make those resolutions stick? Me, too! 

As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm looking to establish a few healthy habits to make life this year a little easier. Just as important, though, I want 2021 to yield a happier, more balanced "me". In particular, I find that around this time each year, I get very excited about all the possibilities ahead of me. I'm energized. I'm feeling creative. I'm ready to make things happen. In fact, I'm so enthused, that I'm forever adding "Oh, I should tackle that this year, too" onto the running list of "to-do's" in my head. I don't want to squash my fervor, but I'd like to keep it in check. 

So this year, I'm going to add something (always easier to add than deny, right?) to stay balanced. I'm going to add 15-20 min of peace and quiet to each day. So far, it's working! 

Here are a few ideas for my P&Q moments: 

*Walk with Johnny and Tia. 
--A walk with these two usually extends to 25 to 30 minutes, because we're all having such a nice, relaxing time. But with freezing, albeit invigorating, temperatures, we may wait a bit to brave the cold on a regular basis. 

*Work on a puzzle. 
--We like to have a 750-1000pc puzzle out on a side table during the winter, where you can stop in, work on a few pieces, and continue about your day. I especially like to take a few minutes at the end of the night to work on a section. I can usually rope in a family member at that time - doubling the fun! 

*Bake a batch of something
--Baking is a beloved hobby of mine, and I love to experiment with new cookie recipes, much to the delight of my family. Whipping up a batch of goodness brightens my mood and gives me a sense of accomplishment while doing something I love. Plus, I have a built-in excuse for about 20-30 min to focus only on the dough in front of me, blocking out the demands and chaos around me.
Here, I drizzle a glaze onto freshly
baked Blueberry Scones from

*Reading a book in front of the fireplace
--Just typing the phrase above makes me relax! I've even been known to open my book, and sit there without reading. Staring into the fire, glancing outside, and sipping tea is all the peace and quiet I need some days. 

What ideas do you have to infuse your day with a little peace and quiet?


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