Living well with lupus. Be Deliberate!

I used to think that if I started the day in yoga pants and a sports bra, my chances of getting in some exercise would improve. The more convenient I made it, I thought, the more likely it would happen. But that's never the way it went down. 🏋️

I would spend all day thinking, "I'm going to fit in that workout" or "I can't wait until I find time to exercise." While my intentions were good, and I was dressed for the part, I would never actually carve out the time to make it happen.

I realized it's because I needed to be more deliberate about it.

(And not just will myself into it by wearing sporty gear!) 

In fact, I had better luck getting dressed in normal clothes each morning (that's jeans, a shirt and shoes for me), and then deciding on a general timeframe to workout. Then, when the time came, I'd stop what I was doing, go back to my closet, change into workout clothes, and start my workout. It's intentional. It's focused. It's deliberate. 

And it's pretty hard to walk away from the hand weights when you've just taken 5 minutes to gear up! 

This is the way I realized I had to approach life with lupus, particularly in my choices for living well. If I wanted my disease to behave, I had to be deliberate about making good choices. 

For example, take resting during the day. I could tell myself first thing each morning, "I'm going to make time for a nap today" or " I know some extra rest will be good for me". But unless I deliberately set aside time to sleep, no way is it going to happen. 

That's how I came to set aside time every day between 1-3pm for a nap. It's a conscious effort to stop, rest, and recharge. If I just let the day unfold, with the mere intention of catching a few extra zzzz's during some free time, I guarantee other things would get in the way. That free time would never materialize, and I'd find myself at 6pm - exhausted and depleted. 

Not everyone works this way. But I can honestly say I never would have experienced the health and wellness I have over the past few years had I not been more intentional about living well. 

Ways to be deliberate about your health: 

Want to cook less to give yourself a rest? Pick a day (or three!) during the week that are strictly take out nights.

Been meaning to read up on some symptoms or a new medication? Decide on a time tomorrow evening to do it. 

Need to cut down on stress from work? Declare a time you're going to log off in the evenings for the next two business days. 

Intending to call the doctor about the hair loss/skin rash/fevers/chest pain you've been experiencing? Pick a time tomorrow and make the call.  

Being deliberate has moved me to action in almost every aspect of my life with lupus - dealing with symptom activity, asking for work accommodations, approaching friends and family for help, and making lifestyle changes, just for starters. 

Decide to be deliberate about living well today. I know you can make it happen! 


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