New Drug for Lupus Nephritis! The first oral medication for kidney involvement in lupus. Hooray!


Well, this lupus nephritis patient is jumping for joy! 

This past Friday, the FDA approved the very first oral medication specifically for lupus nephritis. Yippee! 

The new medication, called Lupkynis (Voclosporin) comes to us from Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, and has been proven to help protect the kidneys from irreversible damage caused by lupus nephritis. That's exactly what I have - irreversible kidney damage - often detected by the presence of spilled protein in urinalysis tests. This is a HUGE win for the lupus community, as about 50% of people with lupus may go on to develop lupus nephritis. 

What is lupus nephritis exactly? It's inflammation of the kidneys caused by lupus that can create serious health problems, cause permanent damage, and can lead to kidney failure if left untreated. 

Be sure to ask your doctor if Lupkynis is right for you. As with any medication, you'll want to weigh the pros and cons of adding a new medication to your regimen before starting. 

Feel free to check out the Lupkynis website here, and visit Aurinia's ALL IN patient resource website, too. They do such a great job of supporting those of us with lupus nephritis. You might even catch a glimpse of yours truly in the patient photos and videos! 


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