LFA's New RAY Initiative. Their best one yet!

There are so many opportunities to contribute to lupus research these days. How exciting! 

The LFA has recently launched a new initiative driven by patient powered research. We contribute. Research accelerates. Plain and simple!  

What is RAY?

RAY: Research Accelerated by You is a lupus data platform where people with lupus and caregivers share information about their lupus experience to help researchers accelerate the development of new treatments and improve disease outcomes. You can be a ray of hope to ensure a bright future for lupus research by sharing your lupus experience.

How does it work?

RAY collects self-reported data from people with lupus on an ongoing basis and stores it in one centralized location. The platform is easy to use and your data comes from an online set of questions we ask you about your lupus experience. Your information stays 100% confidential. Through the platform, your anonymous data can be shared with researchers to increase the understanding of lupus and help drug developers enhance clinical trials, accelerating the potential for new therapies for people like you. 

How can I participate?

You'll find all the information you need, and the initial registration takes just a few moments. After that, you'll be able to complete a lupus questionnaire at your leisure. It didn't take me long - but if you want to complete it in phases, you can. Leave a comment once you're signed up. We're in this together! 


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