Financial Assistance for Lupus Treatments - Thank you, Healthwell!

Great news for those struggling to make ends meet due to the high cost of lupus medical treatments!  

Healthwell, an independent non-profit, has just reopened their SLE fund to help patients who find themselves in need of financial assistance for their medications. 

As someone who's paid over $1000 a month for  Lovenox injections during pregnancy, $650 for one month of Cellcept, and over $450 a month for my plaquenil prescription, I get how overwhelming medical costs can be. I am thankful for a good insurance plan at present, but always brace myself as we draw close to our re-enrollment period each year. You'll either hear us jump for joy, or sigh in disgust once we learn what our premiums and drug coverage will be for the coming year! 

Here's the direct link to Healthwell's SLE fund, where you can explore their offerings and see if you qualify. 

I hope this eases the burden for those lupus families in need, especially during this season of giving! 


Leanna said…
I used to get a grant thu Healthwell to help pay for my benlysta infusion and found healthwell was somewhat difficult to work with, they had deadlines for getting your reimbursement forms to them which you have to wait for insurance to pay first. You have to renew every anniversary or you are kicked out an they don’t let you know when it is time for you to renew. I did find another source to help pay for my infusions and they are so much easier to work with. The organization is The Assistance Fund and their website is
Sara Gorman said…
Leanna - Thanks so much for sharing. Always great to have different experiences to work from, but sorry it wasn't a smooth process. Very happy you listed the otherorganization. Options are key! Thx so much!

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