A few years back, we took a chance to grow the pillbag business by signing up for large gift shows across the country. They required travel and out of pocket expenses. We hired babysitters for the girls, called upon friends and family to help, and stocked up on inventory with no guarantee that it would sell. It was a big leap...but it has completely transformed the business. We continue to be amazed at how welcoming (and loyal!) customers can be to small business, and are thankful for the ability to follow a dream. I set out to make at least one person feel better about taking their medication. 😌 I think it's working. 

Love this picture taken at that very first gift show. Wide eyed and full of expectation, I was. A little anxious, too, but so appreciative for my husband who continually pushes me to pursue my calling, but insists that I not do it at the risk of compromising my health. Since launching my business, my lupus flares have diminished, not increased. That's a true a sign of success, in all aspects of my life! 


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