LFA's Lupus Diagnosis survey - How long did it take you?

The LFA has launched a survey initiative to better understand the challenges in diagnosing lupus. It takes just a few minutes, and you'll be helping to solve this cruel mystery! If you are an adult with lupus living in the USA, please take a moment to contribute by taking the survey: 

Here's the link to the survey! 

Below are encouraging words from the LFA: 

The voices of people with lupus are essential for research to be meaningful and successful.

Findings from this survey will enable us to evaluate if we've moved the needle in improving the time to a lupus diagnosis. We'll be using the information we collect from the survey to develop new initiatives to improve the time to receiving an accurate lupus diagnosis.


Geri said…
Thanks for sharing the link to the survey. will fill out shortly. i think i was one of the lucky ones and it took about a month to finally get diagnosed.
Sara Gorman said…
I was just 6 weeks! Took me a lot longer to figure out how to deal with a chronic illness, of course, 🙄 but still thankful that I didn't have to search forever for answers. Here's hoping it becomes easier and easier for others as lupus research and awareness continue to move forward! Thx for sharing!

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