Antidote - Interview with Despite Lupus. Up now on their blog!

It was such a pleasure talking with Antidote for an interview on their blog recently. As a company that accelerates medical research by connecting the right patient to the right clinical trial, we had a chance to talk about where lupus research is headed, and why it's so desperately needed. We also talked about my personal story with lupus, why I try not to give advice, and how my work in patient advocacy came about. If you want to know more about how lupus and I manage to get along these days, check out the article out here. Pictures included! 

Here's a little snippet from the post: 

Antidote: What’s changed in your life since being diagnosed with lupus? 

Sara: Just about everything. Initially, it was the symptoms that were causing my life to be compromised in every aspect. The joint pain and swelling affected my mobility. Crushing fatigue coupled with the joint pain limited my ability to work. I couldn’t dress myself, I couldn’t make meals because the pain and fatigue were so bad. My life as an independent, fiery young woman no longer existed. It was very difficult to accept. 


And here's a great piece from Wired about what Antidote does, and how they do it. Enjoy! 


geri said…
thank you for sharing. i will def check that interview. its great how there are so many outlets know to spread awareness!
Sara Gorman said…
Thank you! There are such great resources out there, I agree!

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