LFA Take Charge Series. Sign up today for Lupus tips!

You know how many of my blog posts, and much of my book, are about all the stuff we can do outside of the doctor's office to improve the management of our disease?

There's a great new resource from the Lupus Foundation of America that promises to touch on topics just like this - things like diet, nutrition, and exercise, as well as many other daily obstacles and considerations we face with lupus.

The management series, called Take Charge, comes in the form of a series of LFA educational emails over the course of 12 weeks.

Sign up is easy, it's just one email a week, it's FREE!, and you're bound to walk away with at least a few nuggets you can apply to living well with our disease. 

Here's a little bit of more about the program,  but be sure to sign up here. I just did!

Take Charge is a weekly education email series for people with lupus, including those recently diagnosed. Each week for 12 weeks, you'll get an email from our Health Educators with tips and resources that can empower you to take charge of your health.


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