Healthy Deed of the Day: Day #19 - Ignoring the lupus guilt re: lupus treatment. Puppy plays a role! 🐶

So this girl got an allergy shot this week,  and boy, is she a happy camper!

Over the past year, we've seen a significant increase in the amount that Tia licked her paws (as well as other parts, but we'll leave it there for now.)

All dogs do a little light self-cleaning. But it was becoming a habit, and a bothersome one for her.  We thought it was her shampoo, then her food, but now we're pretty sure it's just seasonal allergies.  The vet recommended Cytopoint, a monthly anti-itch infusion that can be stopped and started, depending upon the season.

And it worked wonders!

Within 24 hours, she was practically itch-free. We are so pleased!

Of course, now, the guilt creeps in. Why didn't I start her on it sooner? Why did I experiment with causes, rather than just treat her so she felt better? Why didn't I think the itching bothered her? Why was I so reluctant to put her on a medication?

These are the exact questions I've asked myself regarding my own lupus treatment, particularly re: CellCept.  Why did I wait? What was my hesitation? Who did I think I was benefitting? Why didn't I take my symptoms seriously?

But I'm not going to beat myself up over past transgressions,  nor my actions for sweet Tia.

We have acted. It was successful. And THAT is what we are going to celebrate, and dwell upon.

Yes, I can learn from this. I will certainly apply it to treatment considerations in the future. Maybe I'll even jot these questions down so I can revisit them the next time I have to consider a change in lupus medication. But I'll do it preemptively:

What are the benefits/disadvantages of holding off on the medication? What about starting it?

What are my hesitations?

Who benefits from waiting/starting?

What do I expect to happen?

Do I have a fall back plan? Does my doctor?

Have I considered my doctor's input? His or her list of pros/cons?

All great questions.  But not for today.

Today is about no guilt trips. No wallowing. No self-doubt.

Just me, patting myself on the back and moving forward. Onward and upward. Three cheers to an itch-free household!


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