Goal Setting with Lupus: Specify and Plan Ahead!

At some point in our adult lives,  most of us have tried to change our eating habits. We rarely use the word "diet" anymore, though. Today, we say we're "cutting out sugar", "slashing carbs", or "doing Keto". 

Whenever I attempt to clean up my own eating habits, it seems general, non-specific goals don't work for me. When I claim that I'm going to "eat more fruits and vegetables", I never get very far. Because that bite of chocolate chip muffin is always going to look better than a piece of fruit in the morning! 

But when I specify, and make a plan for my meals, such as "my mid-morning snack will be an orange and some almonds" or "I'll sautee brussel sprouts for lunch",  it works. Currently,  I am "skipping a cookie after dinner." So far, so good! 

The same is true with lupus. Whenever I use general terms to boost my health and wellness, nothing really changes. I can proclaim that I need to "get more rest", "de-stress", or "exercise more."

But when I make a specific plan, like scheduling a nap into my day just like I would an appointment, or setting a time to turn off the lights at night, or carving out the same time every day to exercise (or even better, designing a workout plan for the week), I do it. I'm held accountable because these specific goals can't be reinterpreted on the fly. I can't claim the meaning of "Do 50 lunges, 2 sets, Tuesday" or "Nap from 1-3pm" is a little murky! 

With specifc goals in hand, I'm enabling myself to succeed. And truth is, I want to execute my plan. I want to see those tangible goals through to the end. I want to accomplish what I set out for myself.

Rule of thumb - If we thought it was good enough to include in our healthy plan for the day or week, it probably is! 

So what's your specific plan for living well today? Share what works for you, and how you hold yourself accountable for living your best life, despite lupus. 


Anonymous said…
Hi Sara, I loveee your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your journey. This post is just what i needed to read right now. I have so many goals, i want to stick to an exercise routine and lose the remaining pregnancy weight but i have been too general in my goals and every week i poatpone to the one after.
Sara Gorman said…
Anonymous - thank you so much! I agree - so easy to put off when it's a general goal. Let me know how it works once you drill down to a specific goal. I'm sure it will feel more attainable, too. I bet you'll have success! Thanks so much for commenting!

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