Despite Lupus Nominated for Two 2019 WEGO Health Awards! Feeling so thankful!!

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Hey now! This is exciting!! I am so honored to have been nominated for the Best Kept Secret WEGO Health Award for 2019!! And I just discovered this morning that I've also been nominated for the Rookie of the Year Award for 2019. What an honor!!

You can check out the nominations here, and if you feel like endorsing and casting your vote for DL, please feel free! Just hit the orange button on the nomination screen.

Be sure to browse the other great candidates in all categories.  I am amazed at how many other lupus patient leaders were nominated in the Best Kept Secret category this year. Not sure what that says about lupus' low profile - but I'm hoping we can change the fact that the disease continues to fly under the radar for so many.

Lupus deserves to be front and center, as the lupus community I'm a part of is alive and well, thriving with support and resources. Let's continue to spread the word, build awareness, and call for action - one blog post at a time, if necessary!


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