Cute Baby Bird Alert! Feeling Vulnerable and Helpless with Lupus? These guys can relate!!

Baby Bird Alert!! 🐣🐣 WATCH! πŸŽ₯These guys hatched 10 days ago. The first video was Day 1. Scroll down to see Day 7. 

Watching the Mama bird bringing bits of food has been amazing,  while primarily minding them from afar.

As we watch these guys (5 or 6 in all) transform, I can't help but think about how much they remind me of my journey with a chronic illness.  So Vulnerable. Dependent. Helpless. in the beginning. Yet they know what is required of them - Patience. Determination. Obedience.

Their eagerness almost gets the best of them, but they instinctively know that if they just relax, hunker down, and allow someone else to help, they'll survive this stage successfully.  (My "Just relax and don't overdo" instinct took awhile to kick in, but after a few years,  I got the idea!)

Keep in mind - no stage of lupus is forever.  Change, improvement, and transformation may be around the corner -- we just have to be patient enough to allow for it! 🐣🐣


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