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See it peeking out in the right-hand corner?

No like-grabbing adorable puppies or gorgeous sunsets in this post, but this cool, hi-tech microscope at @exagen_diagnostics is a far cry from the one I used growing up, with which I viewed everything from bugs to hair to raw egg! πŸ˜†

Their microscope is actually housed in a copier-shaped machine, with a small hatch door on top, which opens to the lens of the microscope below. The samples rest over the lens, and the computerized microscope views the samples, isolates the best of, and relays the images to the computer screen, seen on the bottom left. I love how technology has revolutionized microscopy! (Yes, I had to look that word up.)

 Excited to partner with @exagen_diagnostics for a lupus awareness month free give-away. More details to come!

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