Day 12: Healthy Deed of the Day - Fix Phone Posture. Anyone else have the dreaded "slouch"? READ MORE...

Mine "phone slouch" was when I came across this @lumolift ad on Instagram, I immediately bookmarked it. I keep it in my favorites, so when I scroll through my saved pics, I see a visual reminder to check my stance. Even when I'm out and about, this photo comes to mind, and I straighten up. I haven't tried the actual device yet (no sponsored post here!) - but the product shots sure are persuasive.

I'm convinced my daily regimen of crunches and core work help, too! I find the stronger I am, the more resilient I can be when lupus symptoms like joint pain hit. Because of my daily workouts, I'm also always in tune with how my body feels - what hurts, where I'm sore, and when I'm pain-free.  I'm consistently monitoring my body's ability to move during a workout, so new aches, pains, and swelling can't hide out. Instead, they can quickly be identified and addressed.

In addition, working up a sweat makes me feel like I've accomplished something - and in a life where a daily nap sucks up precious productivity time, I'll take all the accomplishment I can get!

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