Day 8 - Healthy Deed: "Dumped the Day", because even chocolate wouldn't help

Today was one of those days.

Nothing went my way, everything took longer than planned, and my attitude went from bad to worse over the course of the day. By the time the girls came home from school, I was not in the best frame of mind.

But instead of letting the decline continue, which no doubt would have been exacerbated by homework demands, piano practice, and general 9 and 7 year old requests, I stopped the proverbial bleeding.

I set the kids up with a snack, made sure their homework was within reach, and headed upstairs for some much needed "Me" time. It wasn't long - 15 minutes was all I needed - but it was just enough to alleviate the stress and concerns weighing me down.

I went to my favorite "Dump the Day" meditation - where I sit quietly, eyes closed, and slowly envision the worries in my head being dumped out, never to be seen or heard from again. A few pesky thoughts have to be dumped two and three times, because they somehow manage to sneak back in where they don't belong. But as the negative and troubling thoughts spill from my brain, I literally feel lighter. I have energy where it wasn't before. I can face the day, de-cluttered, recharged, and ready for whatever comes my way.

So my Deed of the Day was Dumping the Day which resulted in a very De-cluttered Day. :)


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