Day 5 - Healthy Deed - Battled the Insurance Company (and Won!)

I always have to psych myself up to call my insurance company. 

It's never pleasant. Or simple. Or straightforward. 

In fact, I never fully understand the rules of my policy, even by the year's end. And because we've had to switch policies every year for the past several, questions like what's covered, who's in network, and does my deductible apply never have the same answer. 

I've blogged about dealing with my insurance company before, remarking that if the hours I spent talking, debating, disputing, defending, or arguing about my policy were billable, I'd be a rich woman. We all would! But alas, they are not. Which is why I always make myself a nice cup of hot tea, take a deep breath, and then dial. 

But I shouldn't complain. Because my most recent battle with the insurance company was...drum roll, please...a victory. It took many hours on the phone, and several cups of tea, but I emerged victorious. And I celebrated with a nap. 

I'm proud that I stuck with it. The bill in question was for more than $1000, and we knew we didn't owe a penny of it. But many associates with both my insurance company and the health insurance marketplace assured me we did. So it took some persistence to explain our position, and convince them that no, it wasn't "the other party's responsibility to resolve the issue". I made many phone calls, googled insurance policies on the fly, and doubted myself with every new associate I dealt with. But after weeks of debating, and a final call that was over 2 hours long, I'd done everything I could do. I just had to sit back, and wait to see if the bill was re-issued. 

But, re-issued, it never was. 

Instead, we received a letter in the mail, stating, that indeed, our policy had been correctly terminated, and no we didn't owe anything. 

I'm so thankful I picked up the phone that day. I'm so glad I spent 2 hours of my day sticking up for myself. I'm so glad I completed another healthy good deed of the day. 


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