Lupus Knows No Boundaries e-Report, now unveiled!

So unbelievably excited about the newly released "Lupus Knows No Boundaries" e-Report, co-created by the World Lupus Federation and GSK, the pharmaceutical company that brings us Benlysta. Outlined within this 37-page pdf report are symptoms, misconceptions, statistics, and the ongoing emotional and physical effects of the diseae. Patients, doctors, scientists, and other lupus advocates weigh in to address the needs of the lupus community in an effort to improve the lives of those living with the disease. To all that, I say, "Yes, indeed! 

Click here to flip through the whole infographic report, or click here to go to the Wold Lupus Day website.  I've included one of 37 pages above. So illustrative and spot on. Well done, WLF and GSK!


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