Got Lupus? The LFA's got you covered! #lupusanswers

As we kick off the month of May and Lupus Awareness Month, it's a perfect time to spotlight the fabulous new online resource, courtesy of the Lupus Foundation of America. Aptly named the National Resource Center on Lupus, this brand new website is the go-to spot for all things lupus.

Questions about symptoms, treatment options, doctor's visits, and medicines can all be found within the pages of the site. You can discover effective ways to handle lupus at work, in relationships, and on the go. There are sections for those newly diagnosed, for those who think they may have lupus, and even for old timers like me who still need to know what's new and cutting edge in the world of lupus.

I particularly like the Fast Facts section, including the recently added article titled "Do's and Don'ts for Living Well with Lupus." The website is a welcomed and much-needed resource that I'm excited to explore further.

I received news of the website launch within days of receiving my final (though still fabulous) copy of Lupus Living, LFA's long-running lupus magazine (previously named Lupus Now.) Over the years, I've thoroughly enjoyed flipping through the pages of the quarterly magazine. And I've greatly appreciated being featured within the pages of magazine - you can check out my brush with fame here.

So as sad as I am to see the magazine be discontinued, I'm confident that the new online resource will provide patients, caregivers, and health care professionals with the up-to-date information and findings on lupus we need. Check out the resource here - and allow yourself some time to browse. You deserve to be enlightened on lupus today!

While you're at it, feel free to check out the LFA's new Lupus Awareness Month website.  Learn everything you need to show your purple pride this month!


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