Praise for GoodRx once again: Putting Plaquenil pricing in its place. (Have I mentioned how much I love saving money on prescription drugs?!)

Just finished up a phone conversation with the folks at my local CVS pharmacy, and had to share my success using GoodRx again!

I've been a fan of GoodRx for awhile, but when they save me $70 on one 30-day prescription, I can't help but rejoice. They continue to deliver on their promise to save me money on my medication, so I am happy to spread the word. Here's what happened:

I needed to refill my Plaquenil for the month, and chose to try CVS, because my GoodRx app indicated that they had the best pricing at the moment. When I called, CVS first quoted me $205 for the month's supply of Plaquenil. Yikes! But I didn't lose hope, as I had plans to use my trusty GoodRx coupon that I had on my smartphone. I gave the pharmacist the code information over the phone, and presto! The price dropped to $35, as advertised on GoodRx. That's a savings of $170! Incredible!

Here's the even sweeter back story:

The last few times I've filled this prescription, I've done so at my local WalMart, because my GoodRx app indicated that they had the best pricing (which was $105 at the time, compared to Costco's quote of $187, where I'd filled it before that) I went with the $105 at WalMart.

But I made a note to myself to check GoodRx before refilling, because I know the price of this drug continues to fluctuate.

So just a few days ago, I pulled up the GoodRx app, typed in my drug name and dosage, and there right at the top was the $35 CVS price, just waiting for me to snag. (WalMart was still listed at $105, though Costco has dropped to $79.)

When I called today, the first CVS technician I talked to was doubtful that the $35 price would be correct. But I persevered, and said I had quite a bit of luck with the savings, and would appreciate if she would go ahead and switch the prescription from WalMart to CVS. I'm so glad she did, because her associate called back just moments later, we exchanged the GoodRx coupon info, and now here we are - at the fine, fine price of $35.

So by pulling up an app, making a phone call, and simply driving less than a mile in the opposite direction, I'm going to save at least $70, if not more, depending on how you slice it!

So anyone out there filling prescriptions on regular basis - do yourself a favor and check out GoodRx today. Here's the page where you can find out how GoodRx works, and here's a direct link to download their app, which makes it super easy to check pricing while you're out and about. And here's a previous post I did about GoodRx.

While there are no guarantees that the pricing will be exact, I personally have saved more than a thousand dollars since I started using it. I hope you have success, too!


Doug said…
Sara -

I'm one of the founders of GoodRx. I have 3 things to say:

1) I'm happy you were able to find savings so you could afford your meds.
2) You made our day with this wonderful post.
3) Thank you. We really appreciate the kind words.

Hope you're having a great day!


Sara Gorman said…
Thanks for stopping by! GoodRx came through again today. What a great service you're providing. Thank you!
Steve said…
This is a nice blog. Thank you for sharing it with us. I also had a look at a similar one a few days back - Epharmarx

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