Just a few more days until the Walk for Lupus in New Hampshire!

It's crunch time for the New Hampshire Walk for Lupus!

Living in the Manchester, NH area? Be sure to show your support by coming out for the walk. You can also support the cause by visiting the Lupus Foundation of New England website. The website re-design they did earlier this year is spectacular, and I am honored that the Foundation chose to feature my blog on their front page. Know that I take my patient advocacy very seriously, and will continue to blog away as long as my lupus is in tow!

Tweeting about the Walk, or lupus in general? Be sure to add the hashtag #IKNOWLUPUS to your post. LUPUS NE has created a campaign that's sure to reach millions. Let's help spread the word one tweet at a time. And best of luck to those walking on Saturday!


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