Fabulupus in the LFA News and new lower price on the Butterfly Pillfold!

Have you seen the Lupus Foundation of America's new post about Fabulupus? They compile their top ten quotes from the book. And they are words to live by! 

Check out the post here, and see one of my favorite quotes below. 

On having a voice: “…the most important skill to learn and implement is to say “No” and to be willing to acknowledge when you are becoming overloaded before your health becomes affected”

And the article was perfectly timed, as we just lowered the price of our Fabulupus Pillfold

You can now get your purple butterfly fix at a new lower price. Check out the Fabulupus book and pillfold here. And take advantage of even MORE savings with the Fabulupus Combo. Both of your pretty purple favorites combined!  


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