Type A and Lupus: I've always said there was an uncanny connection!

Take a moment to read this great article in Good Housekeeping  about a woman who recounts her diagnosis with lupus.

She says she was a type A personality being diagnosed with a type A disease. Sound familiar?? I thought so, too!



Lisa Voicheck said…
Great article, thanks!
Leanna said…
That happened to me my sophomore year in college, I was diagnosed when I was 10. She is right bone marrow biopsies are very painful and I had to have it done twice and then it got infected.
Sara Gorman said…
Leanna - I've heard those biopsies in particular are very painful. Sorry you've had to tough your way through two of them! Hope it's been awhile since you had your last one. Thanks for sharing details of your diagnosis - it helps others who may be wondering if anyone else has dealt with (and made it through) lupus during childhood! Take care

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