Take this short Everyday Health survey. If you're reading this, you're the perfect candidate!

Have a few minutes to talk "Blog"?                                                            

Everyday Health has teamed up with HealtheVoices to gather insight into the impact of health blogs and online communities. They've come up with a quick survey so that readers can provide insight and feedback on why they read, when they read, and what they want from the health blogs they do read.

Image result for everyday healthThe survey should take less than five minutes, and it would be great to get your feedback. The 2016 HealtheVoices initiative was created specifically for online health advocates (like me!) with a focus on strengthening online communities (like this one!) I'll have access to the results, and would be happy to share once they're available. 

Note that all submissions are anonymous. Click here to check out the survey. 


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