Advertising and Promotion Extraordinaire: Introducing my niece, Emma.

As a small business owner, I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family who fully support my endeavors. I have many directions in which I can turn for help, and I know Pillbag/Despite Lupus headquarters wouldn't run as smoothly without that support system in place. 

My husband lends a hand on a daily basis, my girls cheer for every package that goes out the door, and my sister has worked enough gifts shows to last a lifetime. My mom has helped fill catalog orders calling for hundreds of pillbags, my in-laws generate sales like you've never seen, and I have friends who flaunt their pillbags to anyone and everyone who will listen. And that's just the beginning...

I am so thankful for that support, and it's hard to imagine where I would be without it. And yet, there is one young lady who continually goes above and beyond in her unwavering support and encouragement of my businesses, and that is my niece, Emma. From the day I published my book, she has taken a keen interest in my ventures, and she's never let up. She's worked gift shows, participated in pillbag videos, assisted in fabric selection, and weighed in on design and product development. She's chosen to use my book and my pillbags in mutliple class presentations, being sure to request samples for demonstration, and marketing materials for distribution, particularly during parent-attended school events. :) 

Emma is and continues to be an invaluable member of the Pillbag/Despite Lupus team, so I thought I'd share a glimpse of her most recent promotional efforts. Below, you'll find a Pillbag design color chart, where she's hand-drawn a replica of each Pillbag design. This visual was extremely helpful as I was deciding on the fabric combinations for our most recent Pillbags, the custom designed Pillfold Fabulupus and the larger, extended Pillfold Long Beach. Though not featured in the diagram below (as they were still in the design phase), both bags can now be found here!

And below is a copy of a recent class presentation - where she was tasked with providing a "How-to" (complete with a live pillbag demo) for her class. I couldn't have said it better myself! 


Pillbags: A How-To by Emma R.

Do you ever want a more fashionable way to carry your medication? Do you ever get embarrassed to carry around pillboxes? Try a pillfold or pillpouch!

What’s a pillfold? A pillfold is a small bag that folds up to store your pills. There are eight slots that zipper closed so you can insert your pills into the bag. Seven out of eight have the days of the week and suns or moons. The eighth is conveniently blank, making it so one could choose what they’d like.

What’s a pillpouch? A pillpouch is a cute little bag with elastic straps inside so you can put your pillbottles in. It looks exactly like a little bag.

To use a pillfold, you sort your pills into the correct slots and zip them closed. To use a pillpouch, you insert your pillbottles into the straps inside and pull the drawstring to ‘cinch’ it closed.

These wonderful pillbags were invented by Sara Gorman, a victim of Lupus.  She hopes to make “more manly” ones, as she has them in pink and flowers and zigzags, etc.  For more information, look at



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