Great interview with the authors of "Fabulupus"!

Here's a great interview with the authors of "Fabulupus: How to be Young, Successful, and Fabulous (with Lupus), featured on the LFA website. So great to hear Jessica Kundapur and Jodie Nimigon-Young's motivation for writing the book, and to learn more about the helpful tidbits that are included. Click here to read the full interview, but you can a couple of the Q&A's below.

LFA: What advice would you give to your younger self that you wish someone had told you about growing up with lupus?

JK: I wish someone had told me that I would still be able to accomplish my goals, though I would have to do it more slowly and with some creativity. However, the message I got was to be “less-than” and to accept that I can’t have what I truly wanted. I learned this is not true- you can reach your goal, but it can take more time (that’s okay) and you need to ask for help (also okay!).
I also wish people would have told me that I could invent brand-new and unexpected goals –like writing a book!

LFA: Why do you think it’s important for young people with lupus to read this book?

JNY: This book is the ultimate assurance that you are not alone and that you can come out a better person, on the other side, after facing challenges on a regular basis. There are a lot of useful strategies to tackle different everyday, real life situations that youth face (with or without lupus). We provide examples from our own lives to show how we are all human, that living well with lupus is ever evolving and a constant struggle to strike a balance - but that it is worth the ride.

So proud to have collaborated with these women to bring you the Fabulupus Combo, too! 


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