Back to school = Back to blogging. Lupus style!

Where has the summer gone?!?

While I didn't intend to take the last few weeks of August off from blogging, apparently, that's exactly what I did. (And I had a blast doing it!)

But now it's September, and normalcy and routine are about to be restored. While I'm sad to say goodbye to relaxing days at the pool, or late nights with neighbors on the porch (theirs, not ours!), the start of school is always a fun and exciting time. The girls practically skip to school, and I essentially skip home so that blogging and productivity can resume. And not a moment too soon!

I have dozens of topics that I can't wait to blog about, exciting pillbag news to relay, and updates to my website that I'm looking forward to unveiling. It's certainly not idea flow that I have to fight while my kids are out of school! As any parent knows, finding a moment of uninterupted silence to accomplish anything work- related is a real challenge during the summer. But fall is arriving. Parents, start your engines!

First topic up on Despite Lupus after the holiday weekend - the price of plaquenil. I hope everyone is ready to chime in again. You can read my last plaquenil posts here and here, and be sure to take in the great comments from around the globe.

Until then, have a great holiday and we'll see you after labor day!


Maggie J said…
I've been reading your posts about Plaquenil, and I fulfilled my generic Rx yesterday. My insurance covered it because we have paid our out of pocket maximum for the year (due to Benlysta's cost). That was excellent news because 100 pills at my pharmacy costs $400 WITH insurance and it would cost $750 without insurance according to the pharmacist. I asked the pharmacist about the shortage, and he didn't know the reason although the pills now come from a difference manufacturer. He said that he has also seen incredible hikes on other basic generic drugs like doxycycline (antibiotic). Sara - I can't remember from your previous posts whether you discussed the reason for the shortage? Have you heard whether the price will return to normal levels at some point? Thank you for your blog!! It's one of my "go to" places for lupus news!
Maggie J said…
Correction to the comment above - my refill was for 180 pills, not for 100. - Maggie
Unknown said…
I recently was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogren's syndrome and prescribed plaquenil. I have over a 100 pills that I can't take. I just started methotrexate yesterday and today I'm so tired. There should be a program so medication can be redistributed to people that are in need and prescribed plaque nil can get it from patients that can't take it.
God bless. Lynne
Sara Gorman said…
Great idea! I'm going to look into that. You'd think there would be a way to repurpose meds for that specific purpose. Best of luck with the methotrexate. I hope it kicks in and starts working soon!

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