New Lupus Study for Lupus Nephritis - Think your lupus kidneys would be interested?

I just heard about a new lupus study being conducted, and I thought I'd share. It's targeted toward lupus nephritis, or kidney involvement and inflammation due to lupus. The study is testing the effectiveness of a new investigational immunosuppressant drug developed by a canadian-based pharma company. Can't have too many drugs specifically designed to treat lupus, now, can we?

Personally, I developed kidney involvement pretty early on, which is why I started another drug called CellCept years ago. As you may remember, CellCept works wonders for me, and I've been on it twice - once for a period of three years, and most recently, for a year and a half and running. It continues to work well for me, and although I still have daily fatigue that requires a nap, and experience joint pain and swelling every once in awhile, on a day to day basis, CellCept keeps me pretty darn healthy.
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That's why this study is particularly appealing, because I believe that you can remain on CellCept and Prednisone (which I'm also on) during the study. When I asked for clarification on this point, I was told that because those two drugs often represent a standard of care for lupus treatment with kidney involvement, volunteers who place in the placebo group will still be getting normal treatment, even if they're not getting the study drug. Now that's a study that puts my mind at ease!

The study includes multiple visits to drug clinic trial sites, and the sites are located in North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, California, and Massachusetts.  The clinics take volunteers from up to 200 miles away, and volunteers with transportation issues may be able to work something out with the clinic if they’re qualified. Being in the Washington D.C. area, I'm not able to participate, but I'm hopeful some of you can.

Here's all the info you need to get started. Click here to see if you're pre-qualified, and to determine if the study is a good fit.

The study is being conducted to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the investigational immunosuppressant when taken orally twice daily when compared to placebo. The study will last about twelve months and consist of about 13 visits to the study clinic during that time.

Volunteers who participate may or may not benefit from taking the study drug, but will be contributing to research that may well help those suffering from lupus nephritis in the future. Also, they will have additional tests and clinic assessments than they would normally have in the course of their treatment, which may allow their own doctors to more thoroughly assess their condition.

As with any research study, your private medical information will be protected if you choose to participate in the study.



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