Barbeaux Formulaire - my new favorite line of skin care!

Barbeaux Formulaire Body LotionOne of my girlfriends recently introduced me to this line of bath and beauty products, and I am hooked. It's called Barbeaux Formulaire, based out of Carmel, Indiana, and their natural skin care products are heavenly!

The Barbeaux Formulaire line was originally founded on their bath powder, which is 97% organic and is infused with jojoba oil, african shea butter, pink Himalayan sea salt, and cornstarch. It can be used for aiding eczema, diaper rash and other skin conditions, in addition to just being a fabulous soak or shower exfoliator for a tired, aching body! It's the curator/owner's great grandmother's recipe, which makes it extra special. 

All of their products, including the lotion seen here that I'm totally in love with, come beautifully packaged like this and are cute enough to leave out on your bedside table (next to your stylish pillfold, right?) 

This lotion, infused with aloe vera, african shea, almond oil and jojoba oil,  has absolutely transformed my feet. After using it once a day for two to three weeks, I now have a pair of soft, supple, baby-like feet - which, my family will tell you, is a feat in and of itself! Apparently, each oil penetrates the skin layers differently, thoroughly and deeply moisturizing right where you need it most.

If you're in the Indianapolis area, be sure to check out Barbeaux Formulaire's FB page to find out where their products will be next, or check out their products online here


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