ALR's Glossary of lupus terms--I love it!

I just came upon this interactive, multi-media glossary of lupus terms, provided by the Alliance for Lupus Research, and I think it's fabulous! 

All too often, there's a lupus term that I think I know, but realize in the end, I really don't. I find the "Rule of Repetition" to be a good gauge here: if I can explain it to someone else, that means I understand it myself. If not, it's off to the glossary I go!

Check out ALR's Lupus glossary here, and let me know if you learn anything new!


Ken McKim said…
Hello, my name is Ken McKim.

My wife has Crohn's disease, and there's some pending legal action in Washington DC that is going to affect her, and everyone who suffers from a so-called "invisible illness." I am therefore reaching out to everyone who suffers from any form of autoimmune disorder to enlist their aid.

I've created a petition that asks the White House to direct the DEA to not reclassify medicines containing hydrocodone to Schedule II from Schedule III, thus making them harder to access for millions of chronically ill people.

I have also made a companion-video to the petition that explains my reasons for doing this entitled "The Slow Death of Compassion for the Chronically Ill." If you wouldn't mind reviewing it and sharing it with your friends if you feel it's appropriate to do so, it would be appreciated. We have less than 30 days now to get the minimum 100,000 signatures on the petition, and getting the word out is the biggest challenge.

Petition Link:

Here's the link to the video of my talk:

Thank you for letting me share here with you, and take care.

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