What's a Pillfold, and how does it work? Pillfold how-to video to the rescue!

I can't believe I have yet to post my Pillbag videos on my blog! I produced these several months ago, right before Thanksgiving at my in-laws. My tech savvy and social media guru brother-in-law had roused me enough at last year's holiday gathering about not having a pillbag how-to video, that there was no way I was going to show up sans videos. Eat your heart out, Tub Rock...and thanks a million for the push. I needed it!


Brook Williams said…
This looks awesome. Do you have one for taking pills four times a day?
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks! I wish we did have one for four times a day. A few of my customers simply use two...splitting up their dosages depending on when and where they take their pills. (I think a few of them use one pillfold for first a.m. and last p.m., and keep it by their bedside, and then the second pillfold has their middle dosages, which they keep in their purse) If that might work for u, email me at pillbags@gmail.com and we'll see what we can do!

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