New Lupus Dutch Documentary - "I used to dance" by lupus patient Femke Kramer

Lupus is about to take New York by storm.

The world premiere of the dutch documentary "I used to dance", a powerful film about living with lupus, will take place on March 14th at the Quad Cinema. I haven't seen the entire film, but the director and subject of the piece, Femke Kramer, who suffers from lupus, appears to have outdone herself. The film is said to transcend the one-dimensional patient film, depicting the layered, complex, often painful existence of life with lupus. The struggle to cope, the battle to manage the physical and emotional - it's all there. I admit that the first time I saw the trailer, I winced...and struggled to accept that the images I was seeing could be attributed to the same disease that I have and write about. But then I watched it a second time, and then a third. And now, I'm ready to see the film. I'm ready to associate pictures to the honest, often harsh words I use to describe lupus every single day.

"I used to dance" won a 2013 Merit Award of Awareness at the Awareness Festival in Santa Monica ( & was nominated for a Golden Calf best short documentary at the Dutch Film Festival ( and has also been selected for Image Sante, the international Health film festival in Belgium. You can follow the Facebook page here.

Click here to see the trailer, and I'll be sure to let you know once I catch the entire film!


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