Moving Day!! Lupus lesson #351: Share your plan to ask for help so you can't talk yourself out of it when the time comes!

I just realized I never published this post on the day we moved! I'm happy to say that we're settling in and pretty much box-free, after three and 1/2 weeks in the new house. While it's been challenging to control my instincts to just go-go-go, I'm learning not to push. I had a bit of joint pain this past week, but I'll tell you more about that later this week.

First, here were three things I considered on the actual day we moved:

1) Get help:  Done and done. We had a babysitter help us out in the morning, and then my in-laws arrived mid-day. Check!

2) Secure quiet place to nap:  I could have merely hoped that the moving festivities would conclude by 3pm, or I could find another place for Bernie and myself to nap. My sister gladly offered a room at her house while they were out of Bernadette and I headed over for an afternoon siesta. I made a rookie mistake, however, and didn't take anyone along with me in case she didn't nap. I had every intention of asking one of my in-laws to grab a book and come with me to listen for Bernie. But when the time came for us to go nap, it just didn't...seem...necessary. I was feeling good, Bernie seemed tired, I didn't want to inconvenience anyone (they were already offering to go clean up at the rental house), and bottom line, I got too cocky. I got a whiff of "I can do this all by myself", and decided to just run with it.

How could I have eliminated the temptation? By cluing in Johnny and my in-laws to my original plan. If I'd just mentioned earlier in the week, or even earlier that day, "Hey, when Bernie and I go nap, I'd like someone to come with me in case she doesn't fall asleep", there's no WAY they would have let me go by myself. The plan would have been established, I couldn't have weaseled my way out of it, and I would have gotten a nap. In the end, I fared okay. But it just goes to show that you really have to set yourself up to succeed, if you plan to do so!

3) Unschedule myself for the few days following the move: I made sure we were pretty free and clear for almost five days after the move.  Deirdre had a swimming lesson two days after the move, but I figured that would get us out of the house and away from the boxes. I thought it would be a welcomed break, and it was!

Here are two quick pics I took the last night we were in our rental house. Here's what I'd been staring at for the last nine months, and below that is a shot of what I had to look forward to in my new bathroom. I've officially been upgraded!


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