Another Pillbag Shout-out!

Many thanks goes out to Rhiann in the UK for her wonderful Pillbag review on her blog "My Brain Lesion and Me: Once Upon a Dizzy Spell...A Story of a girl living with a neurological condition."

Rhiann is a devoted (read: repeat!) Pillbag customer, and I'm thankful for her business and her review. Here's a quick clip, and you can read the rest of her post here

...There is my very handy ‘pillfold’, which is a fun and fashionable way to carry medications and vitamins when you are on the go.  Instead of those annoying pill boxes, which for me when I am having tremors in the hands are very difficult to open.  But the pillfold is completely different – they are made from fabric  and have eight separate compartments; one for each day of the week with morning and evening compartments, which in turn makes it easy to determine which pills need to be taken and when.  And with the easy to grab zip pulls they are extremely easy to open and close.  As the name suggests they also fold so it’s very discreet and no one needs to know you have medications on you as it’s so discrete.  This is great to carry when out because it’s discrete and means I never have to forget to bring along my medications again!  I love mine so much and find it’s incredibly handy, one of my most useful purchases!


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