A little dose...of my bedroom

As we continue to make progress on our house, I thought I would give you a glimpse of where our master bedroom is headed. 

You can see the progress below -- vaulted ceiling, arched sitting area, and french doors that go out to a small balcony. We're so excited - clearly, Bernadette is, too! 


Ben Moore's Pale Sea Mist will be on the bedroom walls, and Ben Moore's Limestone will be in the sitting area and adjoining bathroom.


And here's a new duvet cover I got for our rental...I think we may keep it for the new house! 

More pics to come...the tile in our bathrooms is being laid as I write! 


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - sg!!! looks awesome!! dying to see more - keep the pics coming! xoxo
Your daughter is so lovely, Sara! It seems that even she can't hide the excitement on your new house. Are you done with all the renovations? I want to see how your daughters' bedroom looks like now. And I'm curious to see your outdoor too!
Sara Gorman said…
Thank you! The renovation is not yet complete...but we are nearing the end! I'll post pictures once we're in - I can't wait!

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