A mad dash for a Pillpouch!

Doh! The Pillbag Lady forgot her pills! On a recent trip to Indiana in January, I left home without my medication. The girls and I were flying home to visit my parents, and just as I was packing up all the last minute items (like my pills), I got an email that said our flight was delayed 45 minutes. And then it was delayed an hour. And then I got word that it was cancelled. And THEN I got an email that said it was leaving as originally scheduled. Eek! So as we dashed out the door to try and make our previously-delayed-then-cancelled-then-restored flight, I unknowingly forgot my pills.

When we arrived at the airport, our flight was indeed cancelled, and we rescheduled to fly out a couple of hours later. I’d realized during the re-booking process that I’d forgotten my meds...so, of course, the delay was a blessing in disguise. We had enough time to dash home, grab my pills, and return to the airport. My pills are always at the ready, conveniently stowed in a Pillpouch in the drawer of my nightstand, so it took just a second to grab and go. I was so quick, in fact, that I was able to stop and pick up a prescription at my neighborhood pharmacy that had been filled earlier that day. I figured I might as well travel with a full arsenal of medication, if I have the chance.  I secured the newly added pill bottle in its elastic band of the Pillpouch, threw it in my purse, and off we went!

So the benefits of using a Pillbag certainly held true for me: convenient, discreet, and secure – particularly when I remember to bring it with me!


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