- a new site to consider

I recently came across a website,, and it looks like it could be a pretty good resource for medicine-dependent folks like me. Here's how they describe themselves: is a new source of medical information based solely on real life experiences of patients, launched after three intense years of R&D. Treato searches health forums, blogs or any other user content web platform for User Generated Content ("UGC") that contains medical terminology written by patients. 

That information is then aggregated and presented in a sort of searchable database, so that we, as patients, when considering or having been prescribed a drug, can log onto, type in the name of the drug in question, and find out what patients are saying about it. Like, really saying about it.

It appears that each drug included in the database has four categories of information: side-effects, treatments, effectiveness, and comparisons. This last category is pretty interesting, because you can see how your drug in question compares to other similarly-prescribed medications for a particular illness. 

Also featured are "Top Concerns" with each drug as well as a section about "What Patients are Saying". 

Of course, there's no substitute for consulting your doctor or pharmacist about the finer details of a drug, its side-effects, or the benefits and risks involved. But as long as you balance the information provided on with the advice and direction from your doctor, I think the site could be a great resource. It most certainly is a real-time saver when it comes to searching online for patient feedback about a new drug you're considering or that's been prescribed. Check it out here, and click here for Treato's FAQ. 


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