Another Pillbag retailer - this time, the Big Apple!

I'm thrilled to say that the Pillbags have made their way up the Eastern Seabord, and are now available in downtown New York City!

The newest retailer of Sara Gorman's Pillbags is Windsor Pharmacy, a perfectly situated independent pharmacy located at 6th Ave and 58th Street. Their address, for those of you sprinting out the door to brave the streets of New York to grab your very own Pillbag in person, is 1419 Avenue of the Americas.

The shop is a perfect fit for the bags - great little gifts, cute finds, with a nice pharmacy included. I'm excited about working with Windsor, and appreciate the recommendation from my girlfriend. Thanks a million, Ellen!

Of course, if there's a cute little gift shop or unique pharmacy in your neck of the woods, don't hesitate to shoot me an email. I'm always looking to expand my select list of retailers. I'll look forward to hearing from you -!


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