Setting lupus limits - and sticking to it.

A few weeks ago, I made a phone call to my manufacturer. It was a little before 5:00pm, and I was hoping to get a confirmation that my bags were being shipped out that day. Much to my dismay, my account representative had left for the day, but I figured I could get the information I needed from the shipping department. I called the main line of the office, and asked the receptionist to connect me to "Robert, in shipping." And you know what she said? "Robert doesn't take calls after 4pm." And I said, "What? He doesn't?". She said, "No, he doesn't. That allows him to focus on getting the shipments out for the day."

Wow. I guess Monsieur Robert has set some boundaries for himself, now, hasn't he? And as a boundary-setter myself, I respect that fact. What's more, I appreciate that the company supports him in doing so.

So this got me to thinking - if Robert sets limits for himself, and upholds them, why shouldn't I? Normally, I would never answer the phone during my 2-4pm nap time. But when I'm in the midst of time-sensitive pillbag manufacturing, supply sourcing, and marketing runs, if the phone rings, I answer it. I convince myself that those calls can't wait. But you know what? They can. And it's precisely those times that the phone calls should wait, because that's when I need my sleep the most!

I'm not really missing out on anything anyway. When I answer the phone between 2-4pm, I'm tired. I'm dazed and confused, and I'm in no shape to conduct business. 

So sorry, guys: Robert and I have spoken. We won't be taking any calls during our designated "no call" zones. No exceptions. 

Now I just have to train Darwin as my gate-keeper receptionist!


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