HGS and GSK: Interactive Infographic. How Cool!

Check out this great interactive infographic, created by Human Genome Sciences (HGS) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), makers of Benlysta. The two companies have funded and developed a survey conducted by GfK Roper North America to evaluate the daily and long-term impact of lupus on health, family relationships, career and quality of life, and identify potential gaps in communication. The one I've posted below deals primarily with work-related issues. Simply click on the blinking circle in the top right corner of each image, and an oh-so-telling percentage will be revealed. Just another reminder that we're not alone!

HGS and GSK published an infographic about the lupus patient experience, too, which you can view here.



Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing this, it is an effective way to present the info. I wonder whether the statistics are similar in the UK and Europe - I'm willing to bet they are.
Benlysta was not approved for use through the NHS in the UK for Lupus patients, with NICE (the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence) stating that there was not enough evidence of the clinical effectiveness of the treatment. Not so NICE then!
Sara Gorman said…
Seriously! Not so NICE at all! I recall signing a petition on Facebook , passed around by a friend in Cambridge, pushing for Benlysta to be approved. Not that it's the answer to everything, but it sure would be nice to see it available as an option!

Thanks for commenting!

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