Nick Cannon - joining the club!

You've probably heard about actor, comedian, rapper, and television personality Nick Cannon's recent diagnosis of Lupus Nephritis, but I finally had a chance to catch up on his website, a few of his recent interviews, and his personal quest to raise awareness about lupus. Kudos to Mr. Cannon for his fabulous efforts and best of luck as he learns to live well, despite lupus!

Here's a link to some of his inspiring interviews, and his website. Now the big question on the table: which style of pillbag do I send his wife, Mariah Carey, who he claims tracks all of his medication? A Pillfold? A Pillpouch? And in what fabric? Be sure to cast your vote in the comments.

Of course, I'll include a copy of my book in his "get-well" package. It never hurts for Despite Lupus to be in the hands of the rich and famous!


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